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Marry me part 3

Sorry its taken me so long to update its just i have been having terrieble writers block this is dedicated to brina29 for dedicating her fic to me and to soapfan18 for helping me come up with this part all comments welcome

Warning: Contains sexy time


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Marry me part 2

Hey everyone sorry i havent posted this in a while ive been having a bit of writers block but all your fics have given me some insiration to write the next part thanks people :)

Dedicated to Brina29 fallenkaty littlemusical grimelover dancobbles and spofmonster

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Marry me

Sorry that i havent updated the last fic i done sooner but i have been suffering writers block and cannot think how to end it so i decided to start a new fic. The same as the last one i dont know whether to continue it or not just let me know.

marry me

It was the night before Sophie and Sians 5 year anniversary since they have been together they both worked in the police force and they both had thier own house in which to live together and still Sophie loved the way Sian was dressed in her uniform.

Sian was planning on having a romantic night in for the next evening as she had gone out and bought food and rose petals to lay over their bed and what Sian didn't know was that Sophie was planning on asking Sian to marry her on that night.

It was about 7:30 pm and the girls were cuddled up on the soa watching tv althought they wernt really watching the tv they were paying more attention to the other one as they were making out. When kissing wasnt enough Sophie who was really fit because she was going to the gym and keeping fit decided to pick Sian up and Sian was wrapping her legs around sophies waist still not losing the contact as they were both still kissing eachother. They only stopped temporarily as Sophie was walking up the stairs as she did not want to fall or drop Sian and as she got to the top of the stairs pushed the door with her foot and made thier way over to the bed so that they could make love and it wasnt long before Sian was calling out Sophies name.

The next morning Sian decided to pay back Sophie forwhat she done an amazin job. So she started kissing Sophie from the kneck down to the spine which was then Sophie rolled over and smiled.

Sophie: Happy anniversary baby i love you loads

Sian: Happy anniversary i love you to millions and now its time to pay you back for what you done an amazin job of last nite.

With that Sian started kissing Sophie gently but passionately then Sians hands started to wander carressing Sophies breast smoothly which made Sophie start to moan against Sians mouth then Sians hand moved further down to where they belonged. She then slipped 2 fingers in whcih made Sophies stomach muscles contract as she bit her bottem lip and her eyes started to roll back inside her head. Sian had then quickened the pace making sure that she was not hurting ophie but Sophie pleaded for more so Sian entered another finger and said

Sophie: Sian im gunna...

Sian had then pushed her fingers as far in as they would go and Sophie came violently but Sian wasnt done she then removed her fingers and then entered her tongue the movement made Sophie scream Sians name louder than she had ever done before. She had come down from her second climax and then pulled Sian up so that she could kiss her.

Sophie: that is the bestway i have been wokrn up before

Sian: I would do that every morning if u wanted your wish is my command.

They lay there for about half hour enjoying eachothers presence.

A couple of hours later Sian told Sophie to go jump in the shower and Sophie agreed which was good as it gave Sian time to make everything look perfect. She had already prepared the food which was in the oven she had lay flower petals over the bed and told Sophie to go change in the bathroom and not go into the bedroom. Luckily the box with the ring in it was in the bathroom at the top of the cupboard which only Sophie could reach.

Sian: Babe are you nearly ready

Sophie: yeh babe im nearly done ill be down in a minute.

Sophie was just making sure she looked ok and quickly grabbed the box which contained the ring and put it in her hambag which was matching her outfit.She starting walking down the stairs and then she saw what Sian had done she was speechless.

Sophie: Awww baby you done all this for me and btw you look sexy in that dress

Sian: Yeh i done this for you and you look gorgous and really pretty and beautiful like you always do.

Then they sat down for dinner as soon as they both finished Sophie grabbed Sians hand and got down on one knee.

Sophie: Sian you make me the happiest woman on the plannet your what i have ever dreamed of you are perfect and i love you with all my heart and i want to spend my life with you. Will you make me the happiest person on earth and do be the honour of marrying me.

ok sorry to end it on a cliff hanger i just wanted to know what you think

The park part 2

I decided to continue this fic so heres the next part of my fic.

Dedicated to Brina29, grimelover and dancobbles


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The park

I havent yet decided whether this is going to be a one shot or a continous fiction. But your comments will really help me decide wheteher to continue or not. This is my first fic and that is the reason why it is so short.

Dedicated to Brina29 and fallenkaty


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hey im kerri im 23 in 4 days and i am terrible at writing stories but i love the sophie and sian ones they r amazin. I have joined the sohie and sian community and added as many people as i can i have also read lots of ur fics and found them amazin. But the best ones i have read are the ones from
little musical
they are the best i have read and i hope we can all be great friends.
I work in a visually impared department in Pencoed but i originate from manchester. I am living in Pencoed in south wales whcih is a very nice town but i love my job.
I am also currently single but am looking for a relationship but i am bi so its like the best of both. But i prefer girls to boys.
This is all i can think off now but if you want anything just ask.
:L x



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